16 November 2020

Tired Of Having Small Parts Storage Problems?

There can be many Small Parts Storage problems for organisations that handle and store small parts such as nuts, bolts, fasteners and fixings. It can easily become a nightmare if the storage isn't done in way that allows for flow of the small parts in a simple way. It is crucial in this kind of storage of small parts that the storage design focuses on a organisation method and keeps the small parts accessible for the employees. The utilising shelving with Parts Bins it is an excellent option for a small parts storage environment. The use of shelving and small parts storage can be applied to many areas of business including retail stores, offices and warehouses.

Shelving Options for the Storage of Small Parts

Gravity flow shelving is a storage systems that is a first-in, first-out stock moving method. The shelf levels are inclined allowing the products to slide from the back loading area to the front picking area. With the inclined shelves of the gravity flow shelving, it allows the small parts within the shelving unit to be easily located, assessed and picked. When combining gravity flow shelving with parts bin storage it organises the products as well as allowing for a high product visibility for the users of the system.

The shelving options of the gravity flow is wire. Design of the wire shelving is to minimise dust and to allow air flow circulation and a high visibility of the items being stored on the shelving. By increasing user visibility it speeds the stocking up and picking process, making your warehouse more efficient. It is a strong and durable storage option for the storing of small parts.
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Rolled Upright Shelving (RUT) is available in a range of sizing options. It is a highly durable storage option for many different applications, including the storage of small parts and accessories. The shelving units can be customised to suit parts trays.
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A helpful storage option for the organising and expanding of small parts areas are picking bins. Our range of bins are constructed from strong industrial-grade plastic. It makes a great storage option for small parts, especially when it is combined with a shelving system. A great solution to your small parts storage problems.

Picking Bins can stack together or they can be hung on a louvre panel. There is no limit to the uses of picking bins and they can integrated with a range of products. Dividers and the option to add in a label assist in the organisation of the small parts that are stored within the picking bins.

With the ability of the picking bins to be stacked this means that they can expand vertical storage space without a shelving system needing to be added.
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There are many recommendations in improving small parts storage problems. One of them is through the use of dividers and picking bins as dividers provide multi compartment bins. A perfect option for an operations department dealing with small parts. The nesting of the bins is available in our 425W x 435D x 215H and our 600D X 425W X 300H picking bins. The nesting ability saves space when the bins are empty.
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Need Assistance With Small Parts Storage Problems?

At Abbott Storage Systems, we supply and install a wide range of shelving and small parts storage options, for a variety of applications to clients across many industries. The team at Abbott will work in with you to design a storage solution that utilises your space and creates a more efficient operations layout.

To learn more or get help with a project and your storage problems, fill in the contact form below or call our office line on 1300 514 152. Regardless of the project size we are able to recommend the best options for your warehouse and operations departments.

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