Firm Constructions - Moora Residential College

The location of the Shire of Moora is 177 km north of Perth. It’s position is on the banks of the Moore River in the Wheatbelt Region of Western Australia. It is the largest regional town between Perth and Geraldton. The Shire provides a wealth of services such as:

  • commercial banks,
  • schools,
  • commerce and retail sectors, and
  • community recreational facilities.
Open Span Shelving Particle Board

Invitation to Tender

In mid 2019, Abbott Storage Systems was presented with the opportunity to tender on the Racking package for the Moora Residential College.  Firm Constructions were overseeing the entire construction of new student accommodation and facilities at the College.

In late February 2020, Firm Constructions granted Abbott with the order to supply and install the Steel and Coolroom Shelving. 

The Installation - Coolroom Wire Shelving & Steel Shelving

The installation team from Abbott traveled to Moora on the 15th April 2020. With just over a two hour journey from Perth, the arrival of the team onsite was mid morning.

Within the project was the installation of steel and wire shelving in a variety of rooms. The installation of Steel Shelving was in the:

  • General stores,
  • Kitchen stores,
  • Cleaner stores,
  • Dry Store, and the
  • Laundry.

The Wire Coolroom Shelving was installed in the:

  • Freezer, and the
  • Coolroom.

The remaining part of the Wire Coolroom Shelving is scheduled for installation later in 2020 in the Gym Room.

Loaded Truck - Steel Shelving

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