Everything You Need to Know About Cantilever Racking Systems

Most of the time, Cantilever Racking Systems are to store steel bars, timber and pipe. It is the easiest way to store long and heavy items. One of the advantages of a Cantilever Rack is the accessibility to loads. This kind of storage allows the user to load and unload from rack arms, maximizing convenience.

Design of Cantilever Racking Systems

The determining factor for the design of your Cantilever Rack System is the object or product you are going to store on it. In addition to the weight, the length, the height and depth of what you’re needing to store on it.

Important points to consider during the design of your Cantilever Racking System:

  • Start with the right site preparation,
  • The area on which the cantilever system is placed must be structurally sufficient. So as to support the proposed total load and configuration.
  • In addition to a strong foundation, it is also imperative to have level surface.

Make sure there is no overload on the cantilever arms. As a result of too much weight, a deflection can occur bending the arms and causing stored products to drop. Avoid this decreasing the distance between the columns thus increasing the number of arms supporting the load.

Another point you need to focus on is the length of the arms. The length of the product must never exceed the length of the cantilever racking system. For instance, if your product is 900mm depth, you need a minimum 900mm long arm. Loading your cantilever rack system properly can allow you to maximize your storage efficiency.

Make sure to follow this quick guide for a more efficient and secure system!

Loading of the Cantilever Racking System

Upright Height

There are some factors that will impact the height of your cantilever rack system. Obviously, the height and codes of your building are the major points. However there is another factor that is often forgotten – the range of your forklift.

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