Cantilever Racking

Orbit’s Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking has the ability to store long and odd-sized items with exceptional load-bearing capacity. There are multiple possible configurations including either a single or double-sided cantilever rack including a large variety of sizes, giving your warehouse storage the opportunity to be tailored to maximise the space you have available. Effective and well-organised cantilever racking systems are an essential part of today’s logistics and warehousing.

Why choose Abbott Storage for your Cantilever Racking?

  • We completely project manage and install your racking system.
  • We provide warehouse space consultancy and fit-out designs for complete warehouse storage solutions.
  • Orbit’s Cantilever Racking can provide increased streamlining, productivity, effective and safe warehousing solutions.
  • We provide a genuine product warranty, protecting your racking investment.
  • Abbott Storage Systems’ Cantilever Racking is engineered and certified to stringent international standards

Innovative Design & Quality Construction


Mesh Decking

Meshing decking can be fitted to the cantilever arms to add versatility to the storage capacity of each level. It creates an ideal solution for long crates and awkward items that will not store directly on the storage system.


Premium Blaze Blue/ Orange Safety Coating

The Premium Blaze Blue/ Orange Safety powder coat finish provides increased safety with exceptional visibility enhancement. The powder coat finish is suited for all indoor applications.


Cantilever Arms

Cantilever arms are connected to the upright columns with pivot pin system to prevent forklift damage when loading or unloading from the level below; whilst maintaining height adjustability. Cantilever arms are fitted with a removable end stop pin to retain product within the length of the arm where required.


Hot Dipped Galvanised

Hot Dipped Galvanised finish is also available to provide ultimate protection from the elements when installed outdoors.

Why choose our Cantilever Racking systems?



All our racking is manufactured and engineered to the stringent international standard FEM 10.2.07. This ensures that your warehouse racking complies to the highest standards. This makes Orbit Storage Products one of Australia’s genuine trusted brand. Protection for your personnel and property is of utmost importance to Abbott Storage Systems to ensure your cantilever racking systems comply with the standards to prevent safety issues and costly downtime or damage to your stock.



Cantilever Racking provides a versatile storage solution to store long and bulky items with maximum flexibility to meet your specific warehouse storage solutions needs. Our team of design consultant’s expertise will provide the highest performing racking storage solution for your warehouse. Our warehouse racking is configured to meet your warehouse storage challenges to support your company’s high-level of customer service.



Orbit Cantilever Racking is available in light or heavy duty designs with the ability to be configured as single-sided or double-sided; combined with the wide range of sizes available, this enables your cantilever racking system to be tailored to maximise your storage space.



Usually utilised for storage of long materials like timber, steel, and flat sheets, Cantilever Racking Systems are a great product for the industrial and commercial market.

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