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Drive-In Racks & Pallet Racking Storage Solution

Abco Products is a leading national supplier of well-known brands of cleaning and hygiene products. They supply a wide variety of high-quality consumables, cleaning equipment and chemicals. Due to their knowledge and product range they are a well known supplier.

Abco have multiple warehouse locations across Australia in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland. The storage of cleaning products and stock to sell means that they required to keep their stock in a racking system to suit their products. In 2011, Abco branches in Perth and Sydney began to expand beyond what their current storage system could provide and sustain. It was evident that improvements to the current storage system would have a positive impact on the operations department.

After many sessions of planning, the conclusion was that Drive-In Racks would provide the best storage solution. Basing the decision on the product types and equipment that they handle. The system would allow a high density volume of storage in a small space. In addition to rotating the fast paced stock on a first in last out basis. Using a first in last out system is a great storage solution when selling non-perishable products. The use of Pallet Racking would be on the items that had a used by date.

Drive-In Rack Storage Solution

The successful installation of Drive-In Racks and the Pallet Racking storage was in May 2012. The team at Abbott we are proud to have supplied such as well-recognised brand with the storage system that would last them well into the future. Giving a way for them to effectively store the full range of cleaning products and equipment.

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