Hazelmere Warehouse WA

Abbott handled the supply and installation of the storage and pallet racking system for a warehouse in Hazelmere, WA. This included Selective Pallet Racking, Rolled Upright Shelving, Carton Live Storage and as well as Mesh Barriers. Watch the video on the installation of the racking system.

Many months went into the planning of installation of the racking solution and other parts of the warehouse. The customer gave Abbott the order, to supply and install the storage system. Abbott had an aim of developing trust in our capabilities over the years. With an aim to proving our reliability as a supplier. In addition to our capacity to deliver to a high standard. We were able to prove that we were able to provide a storage solution with the same standards to projects in the past.

The completion of the Storage System and Pallet Racking Installation was in August 2019. Therefore, allowing our client to move into the new racking section in late August early September of 2019.

The Pallet Racking System

In summary, the project consisted of:

  • Installation of 804 Pallet Racking Bays, some of which involved a reconfiguration,
  • Installation of Mesh Barriers and Decking on the Pallet Racking,
  • Supply of Carton Live Storage
  • Supply of Rolled Upright and Open Span Shelving.
Pallet Racking System Winc - Pallet Racking Installation - Selective Pallet Racking

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