MediWest Distributors

MediWest Distributors distributes an extensive range of quality Medical Devices for leading International  Manufactures. MediWest warehouses locally from their modern premises. The team at MediWest have a vast knowledge and experience in medical devices and the distribution industry.

MediWest established a new building in Bibra Lake – Western Australia in early 2019. They required a storage system to store various medical equipment. This meant that the warehouse needed a complete tailored fit-out of Selective Pallet Racking. To begin with MediWest contacted Abbott Storage Systems to submit a proposal on a racking solution for their warehouse, then selecting Abbott Storage as their partner to provide the racking system for their storage needs.

Abbott Storage delivered a tailored warehouse solution based on site visits, client briefings, email and phone communications and in-depth consultation sessions with the key stakeholders. MediWest made multiple changes throughout the planning phase. Abbott incorporated these adaptions into the final storage solution. The final drawings and plans were allowing for future expansion for MediWest. In addition, the proposal considered all Mediwest Distributors’ requirements around the operational, logistical and safety requirements of their warehouse.

In summary, Mediwest Distributors’ key time frames and business needs were a priority. The team at Abbott were committed to providing:

  • firstly – clear communication paths throughout the project,
  • secondly – tracking and measurement milestones to ensure accountability and,
  • thirdly – delivery of the project to meet all expectations.

The Racking Solution

The racking solution included a total installation of 152 bays of Selective Pallet Racking including column guards on each frame. Above all, installers completed the installation in the specified time-frame.

At Abbott Storage Systems we pride ourselves on delivering trusted solutions. As a result, a racking solution installation was completed mid-March 2019, on time and on budget. With a warehouse now ready to use, MediWest were able to move as their stock arrived. MediWest establish their operations department at Bibra Lake in Western Australia in early April 2019.

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