New or Second Hand Racking?

When a business or warehouse closes all assets and furniture are sold. For a warehouse this means that the installed racking system is now available on the market as second hand racking. For some businesses and organisations the savings of purchasing a second hand racking system are compelling. So, it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the used racking system meets the standards AS4084-2012. Before committing to purchase a used racking system there are a number of risks to consider.

Second Hand Racking Risks

  1. Provider of the final drawings of the system
    • It is important that the used racking meets all required safety and building code standards. A qualified professional will be able overlook the choice, design and install of the second hand racking. Consequently the buyer will have peace of mind that the system has been reviewed and approved by an appropriate professional.
  2. Original Manufacturer
    • It is important to check if the manufacturer is still trading and documentation is available on the racking. If either of these are not the case it can mean that the racking system is unacceptable for use. Before combining parts from different manufacturer’s approval must be granted.
  3. Location of Original Installation
    • Manufacture of racking can vary between areas. The production and installation of racking systems can be in compliance with standards in seismic areas. Consequently, any racking system not installed and engineered to withstand potential earthquakes, will not be designed for use in a seismic area.
  4. Condition of the Second Hand Racking
    • All parts and components of the Second Hand Racking should be inspected by a certified professional in the industry. They will be able to assess the condition and make suggestions on the repair and possibly replacement of parts. As a result, damaged parts or parts requiring repair work should not be utilised.

Second Hand Racking can be a cost saving method for any business, although it is important to assess the risks before proceeding with the purchase of a used racking system.

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