12 February 2021

RCT - Remote Control Technologies

The Racking and Storage installation at RCT consisted of Rolled Upright Shelving, Selective Pallet Racking and Workbenches.


RCT stands for Remote Control Technologies. They are an innovative and dynamic Smart Technology company. A leading organisation in improving Guidance and Automation solutions for the mining industry. They provide their services to clients across the world. RCT believes that mobile equipment can make or break a businesses success. In this regard, they aim to boost profitability of the investment in this equipment. Working alongside their clients to design, manufacture and deliver smart technology. With the past 45 years of success behind them, they are strengthened with exerience in the field.

RCT has many office and warehouse locations based all over the globe. Their West Australian metro branch is located in Kewdale - Western Australia. The Kewdale warehouse works as a supplier the metro areas of WA.

After an initial site visit to gain an understanding of RCT's requirements. The sales team of Abbott put together a proposal on the warehouse racking and shelving. This was based on the plans and drawings submitted by the operations department of RCT. Throughout the next few weeks after the initial warehouse shelving and racking design consultation session with Abbott to provide a proposal there was a lot of correspondence and amendments around the most effective warehouse layout.

The main requirement of RCT was the supply timeframe of the warehouse storage and racking. Requiring the installation to be within a given timeframe and Abbott was capable of providing the storage system within the time frame needed.
Remote Control Technologies (RCT) - Rolled Upright Shelving
The initial project time frame was pushed out due to impact from the signing up of the new warehouse facility in Kewdale. After a few months of waiting the installation was underway in early October 2019. The storage system installation was signed off by Abbott Storage Systems in late October 2019.

Remote Control Technologies has become a valued client of Abbott Storage Systems. From the initial installation, we have gone on to providing further Rolled Upright Shelving and workbenches. RCT knows where to turn when requiring additional warehouse storage systems.

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