Sandvik - Pinkenba, QLD

The capture of the supply and installation of Heavy Duty Cantilever and Racking to Sandvik, above all shows just how capable Abbott is. Listen to Sandvik as they explain how we improved their operations department in Pinkenba.

Sandvik is a high-tech and global engineering group with about 45,000 employees. They have a strong commitment to enhancing customer productivity, profitability and safety. The organisation of Sandvik’s operations are into three business areas:

  • those responsible for research and development (R&D),
  • production and,
  • the sales of their respective products.

They engaged with Abbott Storage systems through tendering process for racking and storage. Sandvik chose Abbott as their storage solutions provider for their Brisbane operation. As a result of Abbott’s attention to detail, authenticity, passion and commitment around the project Sandvik were impressed.

Sandvik’s Brisbane Hub in Pinkenba, Queensland had a requirement of storing a variety of mining tools. This then meant that Sandvik needed a warehouse storage system that had the ability holding these items. With the storage of both bulky and heavy items on the racking, the storage system had to sustain Sandviks requirements. The completion of the installation was across four weeks.

The warehouse racking system consisted of:

To sum up, Abbott Storage Systems are proud suppliers of the storage system to such a well recognisable brand. Our relationship is continuing to grow over the years. As a result, Abbott has provided other Sandvik sites with their racking and storage systems.

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