Warehouse Racking Relocation

Are you closing, moving or consolidating one or more of your warehouses?

A warehouse relocation is an important change for any business. Firstly, the warehouse move can have a significant impact on your business in downtime. As well as, a high cost if there isn’t the correct planning before the move.

At Abbott, we can assist in any storage relocation that you require. Whether it is a relocation of shelving or racking or a combination of both. With every unique requirement, we tailor each warehouse racking and storage dismantle and reinstall. Above all basing it around the most cost-effective and simple solution for each client.

Racking Relocation Options

Storage & Racking Relocation Options

  1. the dismantle and reinstall of the existing storage units,
  2. a trade-in of the existing warehouse storage system and installation of a new storage system.

We aim for the shortest possible downtime to your operations department. In addition to, a smooth transition into your new warehouse. Meaning a minimal effect on the downtime of your company. Consequently we are ensuring that your operations will undergo as minimal delays as possible.

Your choice may be to take your current racking to the new warehouse. In that case our installation team has the ability to pull down your current racking structure and then reassemble it at the new warehouse. Most importantly, at a time that works with your businesses operations. The dismantling as well as the reassembling of racking is in accordance with our safety regulations and standards.

We also provide trade-in and replacement solutions of storage equipment. This is so as to minimise disruption to your daily warehouse operations for the duration of the installation project. As a result, it will significantly reduce costly downtime and disruption for your company’s customer service.

Each warehouse relocation has an set project manager whose dedication is on the warehouse relocation. They will liaise with you throughout the entire warehouse move to ensure the streamlining and completion on time. By providing regular updates and progression statuses.

Warehouse Racking Relocation for Hettich Australia

Abbott Storage Systems gave assistance to Hettich in the options of a warehouse racking relocation. In summary,  Hettich choose the trade in option. Why not find out more about the project.

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