26 July 2017

Hettich - Racking Wangara, WA

A warehouse racking solution for our valued client Hettich Australia in Wangara, WA.
"After providing Abbott’s with a plan from the get go, they delivered and met all of our requirements in a timely fashion and their high level of service was outstanding."
David Sydenham
State Manager WA
Hettich is a large player in the manufacturing of furniture fittings globally. They create furniture with the latest technology, functionality and design at the forefront of everything they do. Likewise, they provide some of the world's leading drawer, runner, hinges and sliding and folding door systems. A family-owned company with its beginnings in Germany, they have expanded all across the world.

The Racking Requirement

Hettich partnered with Abbott Storage System’s to help deliver a storage solution for their warehouse. After they were running out of space in their previous facility. They established a new warehouse in Wangara, Western Australia and required a racking solution. Hettich shared their plans and vision for the warehouse and business with Abbott’s. As a result Abbott, in return worked closely with the Hettich team to deliver a solution that met their requirements. After that, Abbott’s created a CAD drawing in the first instance that was reviewed and amended as necessary to create a solution that fitted perfectly.

In Hettich Australia, they were planning to relocate their warehouse to the current site they are in now in Wangara - Western Australia. So, after many design consultation sessions with Abbott, conclusions were drawn. The decision was to install new warehouse racking in the new warehouse and Abbott would trade-in the old racking.

The Racking Solution

Abbott committed to fully fitting out the Hettich Wangara warehouse with 81 bays of a Selective Pallet Racking storage system. It was an ideal storage solution for storing all the small parts of the furniture and fittings. That is to say, the design of the storage system was to carry their warehouse needs well into the future and growth for Hettich Australia.

In conclusion, those in operations at Hettich had a good impression of the installation their Wangara warehouse. Commenting positively on Abbott’s:

personal service,
attention to detail and,
thirdly the helpful advice on safety for the facility and how to maximise the space.
"From day one when we chose to work with Abbott’s, their operations and management team, through to the installation team was extremely helpful. So, I’d recommend them to anybody."
Peter White
Logistics/Warehouse Manager

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