Warehouse Design Consultation

Our warehouse design consultation sessions are designed to gain an understanding of your warehouses' current position. As well as assess any of your upcoming requirements for warehouse storage.


After a Warehouse Design Consultation Session, our design team will tailor a state-of-the-art warehouse fit-out design. To meet your specific warehousing challenges. Which will achieve a highly streamlined and productive warehouse for your company. This is through utilising our wide range of warehouse racking options.


We ensure that the layouts of the racking and storage systems we design can installed in compliance to the Australian Standards. Consequently, giving operations managers the peace of mind that the storage system complies with all relevant regulations.

The Warehouse Design Consultation Session

At the core of every high productivity warehouse, is the layout design. Therefore, at Abbott we appreciate that our clients deserve and require the highest performing warehouse facilities.

Every business has different and unique needs within their warehouse. We take all your requirements into consideration during the design consultation session. In doing this it will ensure an understanding of your current position and where you wish to be. So that we are able to give your business a tailored warehouse racking solution. We will work in closely with your business to make sure that the storage design, layout and configuration will suit not only the current but future position of your business. We look at aspects include growth, safety, traffic flow and the storage capacity.

After the Warehouse Design Consultation Session, our innovative and creative team of warehouse racking design consultants are sure to design the best storage system for your business currently and into the future. Focusing on adding value, removing waste and maximising the warehouse space that is utilised.

The design will impact the performance of the warehouse for years to come, a poor design will only cost your business. For example difficulty in accessing stock items which only leads to a disorganised warehouse with decreased capacity and productivity.

Whether you are considering racking or shelving or a combination of both, our design teams will assist in creating the most effective workspace. We have a large range of products to suit your needs including the following.

Racking Systems

Our range includes Pallet Racking, Cantilever Racking, Drive-In Racking, Tyre Racking and Vertical Racking.

Gondola Shelving - Steel Shelves

Shelving Systems

Our range includes Open Span (Long Span) Shelving, Rolled Upright Shelving, Coolroom Shelving and Gondola Shelving.

Raised Storage Area

Raised Storage Areas

We can design a rack supported or a structural Raised Storage Area.

Designing the Racking Layout

The team at Abbott Storage Systems will provide advice on the layout of your warehouse racking and storage projects and the specifications. Based on the requirements of the Design Consultation Session. Our computer software will provide you with drawings on the design layout and modelling of your project. Furthermore, allowing the drawing to be a visual representation of the final outcome. After that, any necessary corrections required we will make to finalise the design of your warehouse racking.

We realise that the storage systems are only one part of your warehousing project. So to that end, we take care of everything for you by effectively managing the entire installation project. In short, beginning from initial engagement of Abbott through to completion of installation. This includes the initial design consultation, project preparation, professional installations to the handover. Throughout the entire project one of our experienced project managers to take care of your project. This is so as to ensure the process is streamlined and completed within the given time frame.

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