Raised Storage Areas

Orbit Raised Storage Areas offer cost-effective solutions, doubling the usable floor space area to maximise the productivity of your warehouse space and warehouse storage solutions.

Complete Solutions

At Abbott Storage Systems we provide space consultancy sessions and warehouse storage fit-out designs. Stairs are fitted to the raised storage area providing safe & easy access.

Product Warranty

We provide a genuine product warranty, protecting your Raised Storage Area investment.

Design Consultation

We can design multi-tier floor configurations available for raised storage areas. We offer complete design for raised storage areas, project management and installation of warehouse storage solutions. Raised Storage Areas give you the operational flexibility to integrate shelving systems and warehouse storage solutions to suit your application, optimising small parts picking operations.

Types of Raised Storage Areas

Raised Storage Areas - Structural Raised Area

Structural Raised Storage Area

A structural raised storage area is also known as a mezzanine floor. It is made from steel and only requires a few pillars to support the raised area. This provides flexibility on how the storage area is utilised.

Rack Supported Raised Storage Area

Using the racking structure to support the raised area, platforms can be created to allow for picking on several levels.

Raised Storage Areas - Rack Support Raised Storage Area

Features & Accessories of a Raised Storage Area

Raised Storage Areas - Stairs


Our raised storage areas are designed in a way to integrate with stairs.

Roll Over Gates

A roll over gate provides an easy and safe way to transfer a pallet from the raised storage area. It keeps operators safe at all times from risk of falling.

Raised Storage Areas - Up and Over Pallet Gate
Cantilever Racking - Cantilever Arms

Cantilever Arms

Cantilever arms are connected to the upright columns with pivot pin system to prevent forklift damage when loading or unloading from the level below; whilst maintaining height adjustability. Cantilever arms are fitted with a removable end stop pin to retain product within the length of the arm where required.

Hot Dipped Galvanised

Hot Dipped Galvanised finish is also available to provide ultimate protection from the elements when installed outdoors.

Cantilever Racking - Hot Dipped Galvanised

Featured Projects

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TNT Australia

The racking and shelving systems supplied to TNT would provide storage for all the shipments that are received and sent from the warehouse. So, the racking was to store the heavier bulky items and the shelving to accommodate the smaller shipments.
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In order to utilise the most available space of the workshop, Cargill required to have a raised storage area installed. The plan of the fitout of the workshop was with a Structural Raised Storage Area and a Storage System.
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Why Abbott Storage Systems?


Protection for your personnel and warehouse storage solutions property is of utmost importance, and so pallet safety gates are installed to facilitate loading of pallets to the raised storage area whilst maintaining a safe barrier to the edge of the raised floor.


Orbit Structural Raised Storage Areas provides uninterrupted space below the floor area, delivering unlimited flexibility for open workspace, shelving systems and access for material handling equipment.


Orbit Racking Raised Storage Areas constructed from standard racking components have the advantage of being readily reconfigurable or demountable as requirements change, so your warehouse storage solutions will always be optimised for your warehouse.


Orbit Raised Storage Areas will maximise the floor space of your warehouse. The design of the Raised Storage Area can either include a structural raised storage area or can be supported by a racking structure. Our design team will ensure your raised storage area fills up as much of the overhead space as possible.

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