Super Motor Spares

A Warehouse Racking, Shelving & Orbit Workbenches Storage Solution – Bentley, Western Australia

Super Motor Spares - Selective Pallet Racking & Orbit Workbenches
Super Motor Spares is a prominent business in the automotive industry with over five decades of experience, it is a Western Australian owned and operated company. They partner alongside some of Australia’s largest mining and fleet company’s to develop reliable, long lasting 4WD parts made for enduring Australia’s harsh conditions. With a 4.9 star Google rating, showing not only their quality of product but service as well. As a team they are committed to supplying their customers with cost saving, reliability and efficiency on automotive parts. Their offerings range from a simple oil seal to the complete range of driveline components including brake, diff, engine, transmission, steering and suspension plus a good range of body and panel. 4WD parts is their business. They provide 4WD parts to suit a variety of well known brands including Landcruiser, Hilux, Prado, Patrol and Navara.

With a business in small parts, a racking and storage system is essential to maintain an efficient and effective operations department. Super Motor Spares were looking to engage with a storage partner to provide for their current and ongoing requirements.

2016 - Warehouse Racking & Shelving Needs

In 2016, Abbott Storage Systems first began working with Super Motor Spares. Abbott provided assistance with the design of a plan, suggesting a warehouse racking and shelving layout. The plan was based on the storage requirements outlined by Super Motor Spares. After many planning and consulting sessions looking at their current and future requirements, Abbott Storage Systems was awarded the installation. In August 2016 the racking and storage system was fully installed by Abbott’s team of racking and shelving installers, the project consisted of:

2019 - Warehouse Racking & Shelving Needs

Just under four years later, in 2019, Super Motor Spares engaged with Abbott for a second time. This time to assist with their next major storage requirements. Between the years of 2016 to 2020, Abbott maintained a positive relationship with Super Motor Spares.

Based on the initial system provided and the service over the years. This meant that Super Motor Spares knew they could trust Abbott with another racking and storage system project. Similarly to the first storage system, in providing them with additional racking and warehouse shelving. It was an easy move for Super Motor Spares to trust Abbott Storage Systems in the installation of additional racking and storage in their warehouse in Bentley, Western Australia.

The installation was underway in early 2020. Then by the mid-February 2020, Abbott Storage Systems signed the commission document papers of the warehouse shelving and racking system. The supply and installation was made up of:

  • Selective Pallet Racking including Column Guards and as well as increasing the frame height,
  • Mesh Backing for the Selective Pallet Racking,
  • Dismantling and re-installing of the existing Rolled Upright Shelving at their new positions, and
  • The installation of a new lot of Rolled Upright Shelving units.

The Storage Solution & Orbit Workbenches

Since the installation Abbott has supplied Orbit Workbenches and additional pieces for the storage system. We are delighted to be working alongside such a well-know company as Super Motor Spares. The team at Abbott will continue to provide them with the products and service that they know they can trust whenever future needs arise for racking and storage.

Standing by our tagline of ‘Delivering Trusted Solutions’ we deliver all of our racking and storage systems to this standard.

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