10 February 2016

5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Warehouse Racking System

Getting your warehouse racking system right is an important step in ensuring your warehouse facility runs at its full potential. However, there are a number of factors to consider in the early stages to ensure you save yourself time and money in the long run.

5 Racking System Considerations

1. Internal Perspective – Looking at your Business.

The first factor in considering racking systems and warehouse design is a closer look at your own business. This includes growth forecasts for your organisation. You need to ensure you have allowed enough space and flexibility to adapt to any changes within your business. Thoroughly consider any expansion plans you may have. This includes, adding categories or product lines, or changing the type of stock you carry.

2. External Perspective – Looking at your Industry.

Consider how industry factors may change the way your business currently operates. Are you in a fast-growth, or fast moving industry? Are you prepared for any changes in regulation that may impact your stock handling? Does your business respond to seasonal variations, and how will that be managed in your racking system design. Whilst external factors are often hard to control, and not in your hands, it is important to keep them in mind so that they are not causing you any long-term inefficiency.

3. Consider how your SKU and Product Range moves.

It is important to think carefully about the type of ‘picking profile’ your business has. What kind of orders does it receive and how does this effect the pickup zones you have designed. In turn, is your racking the best type for your product range – you can consider height, weight and movement of different products. Have you considered any changes between your levels of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).

4. Think about your Equipment Requirements.

Your equipment requirements will change depending on the design of your warehouse. When considering equipment changes, it is important to think about which type of equipment may provide you with the most flexibility in light of your business, industry and product range. It is also worth considering whether you invest in second-hand or new equipment – which is more cost efficient?

5. Overall Costs, and how to Choose your Investments Wisely.

Keep in mind your overall costs and investment in the project. Ensure you are not over-capitalising and are creating a smart and flexible warehouse racking solution that can meet your needs both now and in the long-term. Along with this, think about how much floor space is available and how this can be maximised over time.
Racking System - Selective Pallet Racking
When investing into your suppliers, ensure they have strong experience in the industry and can offer you warehouse racking solutions that are both smart and reliable. Working with the right experts in the warehouse solutions industry will make your life easier, and guarantee that you are making the right choice for your warehouse.

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