Warehouse Equipment - Is It Streamlined to Work Well With Your Design?

To avoid a decrease in efficiency, ensure workers’ safety and maximize warehouse operations; your business should take time to assess current and future business opportunities. In addition, to assessing the equipment used currently within the warehouse.

If moving to a new facility, apart from the structural considerations i.e. number and location of loading docks and vehicle access, you need to invest time and energy into the design and layout.

To create an effective and efficient warehouse design, here are some important factors to consider:

  • Review the business’ historical operational data
  • Develop clear communication processes to ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Understand how the inventory moves through your business
  • Define the business “behavior”

Start by reviewing the data on your current operations, as this will identify the behavior of your inventory. Once you have reviewed the data, use the results to inform the design process, as you will understand the true volume of products and how they move in and out of your facility. The objective is to minimize travel time and amount of touches as well as maximizing the use of space.

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Warehouse Equipment & Data Review Considerations

  • Volume of inventory on pallets and cartons
  • Overall volume, does it fluctuate at different times of the year or is it consistent?
  • Are pallets mixed?
  • What is the method of picking – pallet, carton, or piece?
  • Does the operations need a warehouse picking route?
  • Can inventory be stored on racking?
  • Does it require special racking?
  • Do your require special handling warehouse equipment (e.g. refrigeration or hazardous material)?
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  • By performing the data review, you can empower your warehouse design team to avoid any mistakes and pitfalls and ultimately lead to a lean warehouse layout.

Arrange for your team to do a site visit to a facility similar to yours, as this will provide insights into what the operational requirements of your warehouse will be. So, armed with good data and visual observations, your design team can accurately assess the layout of your facility and create a warehouse that will perform at its best for you well into the future.

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