How Folding Gates Can Make Your Warehouse Safer

A priority for any business is safety and security, and for companies that have a warehouse facility, it’s critical. By installing folding gates in your warehouse facility, you not only secure your premises but also keep unauthorised people out and keeping it safer.

Key Features of Folding Gates for a Safer Warehouse Include:

Theft Prevention, Unauthorised Entry and Vandalism

In the same way as folding gates protect a storefront they can protect your warehouse facility. They act as an extra security measure against theft, stop unwanted entry and protect against vandalism. Consider them as a cost effective way to increase security in your warehouse facility. You can even go a step further and install folding gates at the end of rack rows and other more restrictive areas of your facility.

No Major Changes Required to your Infrastructure

Folding gates are perfect for busy dock doors that are opened frequently throughout the day at key operational times. They are relatively inexpensive to install, are an effective source of security and safety for your staff and require little to no change to the existing warehouse infrastructure.

Keeps your Warehouse Bright and Breezy

Airflow and sunlight play an important role when it comes to creating a healthier, safer and more ergonomic warehouse. Natural light creates a more positive work environment and keeping airflow circulated reduces fatigue. Folding gates provide both and still allow you to manage accessibility to your warehouse. Research has shown that workers exposed to daylight perform better physically, sleep better and are generally healthier and happier overall. This of course leads to fewer errors and less damage to your products.

Increased Visibility

Another advantage folding gates can offer is the ability to see outside clearly which helps your staff better understand current conditions. They can see when trucks are approaching, speak with vendors or other visitors, and understand the situation in the dock area for traffic management, while still maintaining security. This may also help reduce accidents in the staging areas and parking lots outside a shipping area.

Provide Easy Access

Access to your warehouse facility is hardly impacted with the use of folding gates. They provide an affordable solution for security without compromising accessibility. Opening the gates takes just a few steps and is unobtrusive when folded into a tight stack and rotated out of the frame or opening. Folding gates allow for quick access and egress — both safety priorities.

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