SCI Fleet - Autocorner

Abbott successfully finalised a warehouse storage system installation project for SCI Fleet. The location of the branch is in Eagle Farm, Queensland.

As one of Australia’s largest automotive dealerships, SCI Fleet provides a variety of vehicle brands across twelve locations. They sell many brands for example Hino, Toyato, Lexus, Mazda and many more.

As a result of business growth, they required a warehouse re-configuration to their existing racking. This would then allow for more effective storage of their automotive parts and accessories.

Abbott was introduced to SCI Fleet through the tendering process. Many planning and consulting sessions occurred between the design consultants and the client. Eventually ending up with racking providers quoting on the specification and requirements set out. After a careful selection, they choose Abbott as the provider of the racking and storage system.

The project consisted of the re-configuration of the existing pallet racking, adding mesh decks, steel panels, and customised dividers. In addition the project also included, installing a small parts binning storage area with over 8000 storage compartments.

The team at Abbott are proud to have serviced a such a well respected brand. The configuration of the storage system allows SCI Fleet to store their full range of auto parts effectively. Above all, Abbott continues to strengthen the relationship with each time our products and services are needed.

Listen to the comments of the operations and warehouse mangers of SCI Fleet. As they explain the pain points of their current system. The customer service experience they had while dealing with Abbott and the team. Then how Abbott turned the situation around and now they have a effective and efficient storage system in their warehouse.

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