What is the Australian Standards AS4084-2012?

The AS 4084-2012 is the Australian Standards document surrounding steel storage racking that outlines the specifications, procedures and guidelines. The objective of the document is to ensure steel storage racking sold within Australia is compliant with the specifications listed.

The release of the Australian Standard AS 4084-2012 in 2012 was to override the Standards set out in 1993 (AS 4084-1993). It applies to ‘adjustable, static pallet racking made of cold-formed or hot rolled steel structural members’. To clarify, the racking covered under the Standard includes:

Selective Pallet Racking Standards Symbol AS 4084-2012

Is Abbott Storage Systems Racking Compliant with AS 4084-2012?

At Abbott Storage Systems we have had our racking tested to ensure that it complies with the Australian Standard. We take into account all parts of the Australian Standard when submitting a quotation. To sum up, below is a broad outline of points from the 2012 Standards that have been updated.

Changing beam levels within your racking structure yourself has hidden risks, dangers and cost that maybe you hadn’t thought of. When signing a contact with a racking supplier you probably didn’t read the fine print that you wouldn’t alter the structure without consolidating them first.

Not only is it the supplier contact you are breaching but the Australian Standards:AS4084-2012. With every racking supplier bound by the Standards it states in section 8.1.3. that “No changes are allowed to the configuration or usage of the racking without the racking suppliers authorisation.”

Australian Standards AS 4084-2012

  • 1.3.11 – Where required, the end frame on each row should extend past the top load beam by at least 50% of the unit load (pallet) height.
  • 1.6a – Load Signs are to be permanent and corrosion resistant as well as being located where it is clearly visible. Most importantly, the safe working limit sign should include:
    • the safe working unit load limit,
    • the total working unit load limit for each pallet beam level,
    • the total working unit load limit for each bay, and
    • the maximum distance from the base plate level to the first beam level and maximum distance between subsequent beam levels.
  • 1.6b – The supplier is to provide all documents on the drawings and specifications of the racking structure installed. At the completion of the installation clients are given a commission document by the project manager.
  • 1.7.2 – The clearance from the top of a pallet to the underside of the load beam above is a minimum of 75mm for beams under 6.0m and 100mm for load beams above 6.0m. (Refer to below illustrations for explanation.)
Beam Distances Required - 75mm
Beam Distances Required - 100mm
  • Figure 1.7.2 – The flue space in between back to back rows is a minimum of 100mm.
  • 2.4.1.a – The position of Upright Protectors of at least 400mm high are to be on the frame at the end of a row of racking at an aisle cross section.
  • 2.7.5. – For each base plate of the racking structure it is to have 2 floors anchors.
  • 8.1.1 – The supplier has to provide the client with all user manuals and necessary training. This is regarding the correct usage and maintenance of the racking.

Is Abbott Storage Systems Racking Compliant with AS 4084-2012?

At the conclusion of a racking installation the installer will sign it off as compliant with the Australian Standards. However, as listed in section 8.2 of the Standards is the recommendation of engaging in a racking safety audit annually. These annual inspections will ensure that the racking system is compliant to the Standard and is safe for employees to utilise.

Selective Pallet Racking Standards AS 4084-2012

Racking inspections shall be carried out on a regular basis, and at least every twelve months.

Section 8.2 - Australian Standards 4084-2012

Also it states clearly in the Standard under section 8.1.3 is that there is to be no alteration of the configuration of the racking structure, without prior approval from the racking provider. As adjusting the system have a serious impact on the load capacity and the safe working load signs could become invalid.

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