30 December 2010

Gerard Lighting - Commercial Storage Solution

Abbott Storage Systems has provided Gerard Lighting with a commercial storage solution in three Australian states. Malaga - Western Australia in 2010, Minto - New South Wales in 2012 and Eagle Farm - Queensland in 2013.

Beginning in the 1920s, Gerard Lighting have grown to become a leading Australian lighting solutions company. They are continually looking to develop new and innovative products and further grow its success in the lighting industry. Gerard Lighting is well-known provider to both the retail and wholesale market. Distributing brands such as Pierlite, Sylvania, Crompton, Diginet and Concord.

Commercial Storage Solution

The initial commercial storage solution for Gerard Lighting was in Malaga, WA. Abbott worked in closely with Gerard Lighting, starting from the first consultation session. All planning was structured around the improving of the current warehouse space and storage. The storage system consisted of the supply and installation of three hundred and forty four (344) bays of Selective Pallet Racking.
The second storage solution was in Eagle Farm, QLD. Plans were constructed and a dismantle and trade-in of the racking at the previous site was concluded. So, Abbott Storage would supply and install a new Selective Pallet Racking system in the new warehouse.

The two storage systems Abbott had provided for Gerard Lighting were a success. Consequently they awarded Abbott with a third storage requirement. The third commercial storage solution was in Minto, NSW. It consisted of a Selective Pallet Racking System, Rolled Upright Shelving, Container De-stuffing and a Palletising System. The Container De-stuffing and Palletising System was a Conveyor System and refurbishing their Telescopic Boom Conveyor.nges that needed to be overcome - 60 words
In summary, the warehouse design and installation works spanned over three different sites and Australian states. The entire project included Conveyor Systems, Rolled Upright Shelving, Mesh Decking and Dividers and Selective Pallet Racking.

The in-house safety inspectors at Abbott Storage Systems have since conducted racking inspections for Gerard Lighting at each of their warehouse facilities.
Gerard Lighting - Commercial Storage Solution - Minto NSW

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