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Find out about the industrial racking solution that Abbott Storage Systems provided a second time to TNT Australia in Welshpool, Western Australia.

In early 2020, TNT Australia acquired the James Hardie warehouse, that was situated beside their current warehouse in Welshpool. The new warehouse would provide TNT with a greater ability in the sending and packing of parcels. With a completely empty warehouse, TNT required a storage system to be implemented in the warehouse.

In early April 2020, Abbott Storage Systems was awarded the supply and installation of the industrial racking solution.

TNT Australia - Industrial Racking Solution

The installation of the racking and shelving system was divided into two sections. Firstly, the supply and install of the steel pallet racking system in the new warehouse. The second part was the supply, install, dismantle and reconfigure of the Rolled Upright and Open Span shelving. The dismantle and reconfigure required the dismantling of the shelving in the current warehouse and a reinstallation in the new warehouse. A section of the racking was to go into a fenced off biosecurity zone.

The Industrial Racking Solution

The industrial racking solution provided by Abbott Storage Systems consisted of:

Specifications of the Storage System

  • Most beam levels of the Selective Pallet Racking System were fitted with mesh decks,
  • In the walkway pallet racking rows they were fitted with mesh protection cover above the walkway,
  • The outer racking rows were fitted with mesh backing,
  • The Open Span Shelving had wire shelf panels.
TNT Australia - Walkway

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