Selective Pallet Racking Components Glossary

Industrial Racking is an ideal storage solution for almost any warehouse. In order to understand if it is the best fit for your warehouse, below is a coverage the basic parts of a pallet racking system. Refer to the below diagrams for the explanation of Selective Pallet Racking Components.

Pallet Racking Components


A pallet racking upright frame consists of horizontal and diagonal bracing that is bolted between two posts. Racking beams are then connected to the posts to hold the load on the beam in place. The columns come in a variety of heights and depths to suit any warehouse, find our standard range of frame heights and depths here. Frames are generally either in a Standard Brace or X-Brace pattern. Varying the brace pattern affects the load bearing capacity of the frame.


The beam of a racking structure is a horizontal part which has a role of holding the load placed in the racking. The securing of the beams to the frames are with the use of a beam clip. Pallet Rack Beams are available in a variety of lengths and profiles, view our standard range here.

Pallet Racking Beam


Shelving can be installed with the Pallet Racking, shelves are available in either timber, mesh decking or pallet support bars.

Load Signs

At the conclusion of a pallet racking installation it is a requirement that the racking supplier fits the racking structure with Safe Working Load Limit Signs. The Safe Working Load Limit signs should include:

  • Safe working load limit for each beam level,
  • Total safe working load limit for each pallet racking bay,
  • Racking supplier’s name, logo, and installation date, and
  • The maximum distance from base plate level to the first beam level, as well as the maximum distance between subsequent beam levels.
Safe Working Load (SWL) Limit Signs

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