Material Handling Equipment

Abbott's Storage Systems have a vast array of warehouse materials handling products at our disposal which allows us to recommend the best solution for your project. Below you will find a summary of our products, and clicking on any of those products will provide you with further information for your perusal.


Castors are either single, double or compound wheels. This assists in the multi-directional steering of the load that is joined to the castors.

Fork Stackers

Fork stackers are useful for increasing productivity in different industries. Our range of stackers can accommodate loads ranging from 150 up to 1,500kg, there is one for every application.

Order Picking Trolleys

Improve efficiency in repeat picking and packing application and reduce manual handling with a our picking trolleys.

Pallet Cages

Pallet cages are a great storage option for any warehouse. They are cost effective as well as space saving.

Pallet Jacks

Our range of Pallet Jacks include manual and battery as well as Hi Skid Lifters.

Material Handling Scissor Lift Tables

We have a range of scissor lift tables available. Sure to meet your warehouse requirements.

Spill Containment

Our range of spill containment systems include IBC Bunded Pallets, Metal & Poly Bunded Pallets and much more.


Stillages are a raised platform that is mostly fitted with a cage or sides. It is an ideal materials handling equipment in the warehouse for the transportation and storage of stock.

Trolleys & Dollies

We have a range of trolleys and dollies available. Sure to meet your warehouse requirements.

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