27 April 2021

National Auto Glass Supplies (NAGS)

A Rack Supported Raised Storage Area, Selective Pallet Racking, Open Shelving, Stairways and Enclosures fitout in Forrestdale, WA.

About National Auto Glass Supplies (NAGS)

National Auto Glass Supplies (NAGS) is a market leader in the aftermarket automatic glass industry to the fitting trade in Australia & NZ. They work in closely with their manufacturer to introduce new products with the latest technology so that the Australian market can benefit from the technological advancements. NAGS has distribution centers in all Australian states.

The Tender

Initially, NAGS contacted Abbott Storage System and a number of other racking and storage system providers for a Design Consultation on their storage requirements. The sales team at Abbott conducted a consultation session and measured out the storage system that would suit NAGS requirements and fit into their warehouse space. After numerous communications between Abbott and NAGS, Abbott was chosen as the preferred supplier of the storage system and won the contract for the racking and storage supply and installation in October 2020.

The Challenges

The Open Span Shelving with Mesh Enclosure was able to be installed with no issues. However, with the importing and shipping delays due to COVID- 19, containers with stock for the second part of the project were held up on multiple occasions. This lead to the delaying of the installation commencement of the Rack Supported Raised Storage Area. Once the stock was received into the WA warehouse, work was able to begin on the second phase of the installation.

The Solution

Rack Supported Raised Storage Area & Selective Pallet Racking

The Rack Supported Raised Storage Area was a total of 39,522mm long x 66,070mm wide x 6096mm high. The Rack Supported Floor level was installed at approximately 3500mm high. Specifications of the Raised Storage Area included:

• 3 Steel Stairways that provided access to the Rack Supported Raised Storage Area raised floor level within the floor print. • Mesh Enclosures with gates that were installed on both levels to accommodate scissors lifts approximately 1700mm long x 1000mm wide. 
• Double Handrail and Kickboard to exposed sides of raised floor and stair voids. 
• 4 x Self Closing double gates approximately 2500mm wide.
• Mesh backing fitted to the rear of upper-level glass storage bays that do not back onto pallet racking.
• Selective Pallet racking fitted with corner guards and safe working load signage in accordance with AS4084-2012.

Open Span Shelving

The total number of Open Span Shelving Bays installed was 10 and all shelf levels were fitted with 18mm Particle Board Shelving. The area also included the supply and install of 18.4 lineal metres of 2500H mesh barrier to enclose Open Span Shelving Area. Specifications of the Open Span Units and Enclosure installed included:

• Galvanised Mesh 50x50x3mm square grid which was fixed to the rear of shelving bays where applicable.
• Frame and post mounted where freestanding
• 1 x double gate 2400w – leaves to fold flat against external enclosure
Open Span Shelving Enclosure

The Installation

The installation team at Abbott installed the Open Span Shelving with the enclosure in early February 2021.

Once the stock arrived for the Rack Supported Raised Storage Area and the Selective Pallet Racking, the installation was able to commence for the final section of the storage system. It was a large and challenging project but Abbott rose to the challenge and completed the installation on the 8th April 2021.


The NAGS WA team were impressed with their new storage system and have only praise for the Abbott Storage Systems team in the quality products and service provided.
"The quality of the final product & the installation is of a high standard."
John Bastian - State Manager WA
National Auto Glass Supplies (NAGS)

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