Top Tips for a Warehouse Racking Relocation

Warehouse Relocation Tips

Whether you have started or are considering a warehouse relocation, we understanding this can be an extremely stressful time for your business. Find out our top ten tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Hettich – Racking Wangara, WA

Hettich Australia - Wangara WA | Racking Installations

Abbott committed to fully fitting out the Hettich Wangara warehouse with 81 bays of a Selective Pallet Racking storage system. It was an ideal storage solution for storing all the small parts of the furniture and fittings. The design of the storage system was to carry their warehouse needs well into the future and growth for Hettich Australia.

Considering a Warehouse Relocation?

Warehouse Relocation

A warehouse relocation is a significant change for any business. This is regardless of your warehouse size or structure. It will involve coordination from your all staff. As well as many departments, ranging from your operations to the administration. The impact can be a vital downtime for your business. This could be the result if you don’t adhere to your prior planning.