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At Abbott Storage Systems our tagline is ‘Delivering Trusted Solutions’ this means that we go to greater lengths to provide our valued clients with a turnkey warehouse storage solution. This includes racking systems, heavy duty racking, narrow storage racks and equipment handling material. The team at Abbott Storage Systems strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through providing storage solutions for our clients’ most challenging needs.

We realise that the storage systems are only one part of your warehousing project, so to that end, we take care of everything for you by effectively managing the entire project from commencement through to completion. We believe that warehouse storage systems are key to any business, so we strive to provide the best possible storage solutions to keep your customers happy.

Abbott Storage Systems provide trade-in and replacement solutions of storage equipment to minimise disruption to the daily warehouse operation for the duration of the installation project, significantly reducing costly downtime and disruption for your company’s customer service.

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Abbott Storage Systems’ Services Will Exceed Your Expectations –
Warehouse Storage Solution

Our complete warehouse services include:

Free Design Consultation:
At the core of every high productivity warehouse, is the layout design, and we appreciate our clients deserve and require the highest performing warehouse facilities.

For this reason, our design consultation team will tailor a state-of-the-art warehouse fit-out design to meet your warehousing challenges, achieving a highly streamlined and productive warehouse for your company, utilising our wide range of warehouse racking options.

Project Preparation:
On finalisation of the warehouse design, our operations team will take care of preparing your storage products, checking all components are manufactured to our high standards of quality prior to arranging delivery to site. This ensures a fast and efficient installation of your storage system at your warehouse, so your storage racks are put to work as quick as possible.

Professional Installation:
Professional installation of storage equipment is essential to ensure the storage systems are installed in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards AS 4084.

Our experienced installation teams will commence installation on site at the agreed times to ensure that the installation process is managed and carried out efficiently minimising costly downtime for your company. This means you can be assured your storage solutions are safely installed.

Relocation of Existing Racking Systems:
We provide a comprehensive relocation solution to dismantle, relocate and re-install your existing warehouse storage equipment at another warehouse facility or relocate the equipment to another location within your current facility.

Trade-in Solutions – Existing Storage Equipment:
To ensure the relocation of your warehouse and inventory to a facility at another location is streamlined, we provide complete trade-in and replacement solutions for all your warehouse storage equipment and previous storage racks.

Our trade-in solutions cause minimal disturbance to the daily running of your warehouse operation through our proven process:

  1. New warehouse storage solutions equipment is supplied and installed at your new facility.
  2. Inventory is transferred from your existing facility and loaded immediately into the new warehouse storage equipment at your new facility, minimising costly double handling and misplacement of inventory whilst relocating.
  3. When the entire inventory is transferred to your new facility, our professional installation team will dismantle and remove all existing storage equipment from your previous facility.
  4. The existing racking is traded in for the new equipment supplied, significantly reducing the fit -out costs for your new warehouse and removing the hassle of disposing of your existing warehouse shelving and storage solutions equipment.

Complete Project Management:
On receiving your project order, we’ll assign one of our professional project managers to take care of your project. They’ll liaise with you throughout the entire installation to ensure the process is streamlined and completed on time.

We understand the importance of ensuring your installation is completed efficiently to minimise interruption to your daily warehouse operation, so our team strive tirelessly to ensure all projects are completed effectively. Your new storage solutions and warehouse shelving will be installed efficiently and quickly.

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