5 November 2020

8 Step Guide on the Prevention of Pallet Racking Damage

In the forklift and pallet racking zone, it is likely that the forklift will cause pallet racking damage. In some causes it may seem that a collision could not have been avoided. While this may be the case sometimes a collision has such an impact on the racking structure that it is enough to disrupt the warehouse. If you are looking to save the cost and inconvenience that damaged racking causes, then follow our 8 point guide on the steps you can take to prevent a collision.

1. Engage In Annual Safety Racking Inspections

The most simple prevention to ensure you have in place is your annual safety rack inspections. As pallet racking damage can come from a vary of sources such as overloading, faulty equipment, user error, wear and tear or machinery damage, you may not be aware that the structure of your racking is not safe.

The outcome of a racking inspection is to look at the racks for damage and unsafe use that your warehouse staff or operations managers may not pick up. If something were to go wrong with your warehouse racking one of the first checks from Worksafe would be whether you engage in regular safety inspections with a professional in the field and when the last one took place.

When moving into a new warehouse, its a good idea to engage in a racking inspection to make sure your racking is in top shape for your organisation to use.
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2. Choose the Correct Racking Type & Layout

Make sure that when you are designing the layout of your warehouse., that you consider for the plant, equipment and machinery that you will be using in your warehouse alongside the placement of your racking structure. A poor design will only lead to higher costs in efficiency and even damage if enough space has not been allowed for the maneuvering of equipment.

Choosing the right racking structure for your needs is also an important consideration. Find out more in our blog on the different types of racking structures and their best uses here.
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3. Invest In Racking Protection

Even though your staff may be trained to be aware of the best practises in avoiding racking damage, in most warehouse situations the racking stucture may suffer a knock. But with the implementing of racking guards and protectors you can lessen the damage impact and even risk of damage occuring. Find out more about our racking guards and protectors here.

4. Improve The Warehouse Visability

The is vital that the machinery operators in the warehouse have a high visibility of their surroundings to prevent damage. This improvement can be implemented through the use of proper warehouse lighting and mirrors within the warehouse. Read our guide on warehouse lighting here.

5. Conduct Driver Training

Ensuring that all your warehouse drivers of machinery and heavy equipment is part of the basic checks. Make sure your staff are trained in the use of the machinery they have to operate and the use of that machinery with the racking systems they have to work with. There are many local and national training centres to use, to get your staff fully trained.

6. Decreasing Speed Limits Within The Warehouse

Another simple method to decreasing collisions to to reduce the speed limits within the warehouse. By encouraging the drivers to be more aware will protect both your staff and equipment.

7. Abiding By The Safe Working Load Limits Signs

Make sure your warehouse staff understand the limits and correct loading procedure of the warehouse rack. Not following the limits stated impacts on the racking structures load capacity and weakens it's ability to within damage.

Even the altering of your first beam levels will have a significant impact on the load capacities of your racking. Not sure how? Then read our blog explaining the safe work load limit signs here.

8. Removing Clutter In The Warehouse

Clear and tiday aisle spaces will make the movement of warehouse staff on machinery so much easier. Ensure that the full aisles are reserved for the use of machinery and are not riddled with clutter.

Prevent Pallet Racking Damage

Maybe you already have some of our tips on preventing pallet racking implemented. But with the knowledge and implementation of our 8 tips on the improvement of the prevention of pallet racking damage in the warehouse, you will likely save costs in the unnecessary damage of your warehouse racking structure.

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