Long Span Shelving Vs. Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking & Long Span Shelving

With many storage systems available, Pallet Racking and Long Span Shelving would be the two most common choices in a warehouse environment. Depending on your requirements your warehouse may require one of the options or even both to suit the storage requirements. Prior to making a call on the storage option, is it best to weigh up the pros and cons of both systems.

What Is The Difference Between Racking And Shelving?

Temco - Open Span Shelving

There is a very simple difference between a racking and a shelving system. You may use the words interchangeably. Often without realising that there is a stark difference between the two and the fact they are totally different. Most warehouses have some sort of a storage system. It creates efficiency and organisation within the warehouse if implemented correctly. In some warehouses the storage system may consist of both racking and shelving systems.

Valmont Industries – Cantilever Racks

Valmont Warehouse Fitout

From design, supply through to installation, the team at Abbott coordinated a Hot Dipped Galvanised Cantilever Racks project. The project consisted of both Heavy Duty and Light Duty Cantilever.

Ampac Safety – Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks

Warehouse Racking

The racking installation at Ampac, Winnellie in Northern Territory consisted of forty bays of Selective Pallet Racking and eleven bays of Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks. The installation of the project spanned over eight weeks. The accommodation of racking modifications throughout the installation of the project meant no further downtime.

SCI Fleet – Warehouse Storage

SCI Fleet - Warehouse Storage System

As a result of business growth, SCI Fleet required a warehouse re-configuration to their existing racking. This would then allow for more effective storage of their automotive parts and accessories.

Tradelink – Mesh Decking

Tradelink - Cantilever Racking & Open Span Shelving

Tradelink partnered with Abbott’s for the storage solution fit out of their Jandakot warehouse. The transparent and detailed approach made it an easy choice for Tradelink. With Abbott’s commitment to delivering the project to meet and exceed expectations.

Changing Technology Needs in Modern Warehouse Storage

Warehouse Storage Technology

“How do we use warehouse storage most effectively?” is a question that is often asked. The rapidly evolving technology industry affects your warehouse significantly. Updating your technology will improve your warehouse and streamline the processes.