28 January 2020

Do You Really Need a Racking System In Your Warehouse?

Most warehouses have some sort of racking or storage structure inside. However, in some warehouses this is not the case. Use the below questions to determine if your warehouse requires a storage system.

Do you have blocked walkways in your warehouse?
Is the warehouse lacking organisation?
Do you locate your products and SKUs with difficulty in the warehouse?
Is your picking time lacking in efficiency?

Should You Implement A Racking System?

Give yourself one point for every question that received yes as a response. Below is a guide on what your actions should be based on your score.

None: Either your warehouse currently has a warehouse storage system in place or you are running it extremely effectively - Well Done!
1-2: Your warehouse could do with some improvements. Maybe you have a storage system in place but its not running at its full potential.
3-4: If the answer was yes to 3 or more and you don't currently have a storage system, then you really should be investing the time in sourcing a storage solution.

An inefficient warehouse is one in which the productivity of the operations are slow. It is crucial that you take the time to invest in the right storage system for your business. In particular, one that suits your products and business. A storage system with a great design can free up space in the warehouse. As well as, utilise space for other areas of the business such as office areas. A expert in the storage system industry will have the knowledge to design a storage system with a view to supporting the businesses current state and future growth to last well into the future.

There are many varieties of racking systems that can be installed to improve the efficiency of a warehouse. The layout of a storage system is customisable. Then allowing the design to be tailored around each individual businesses needs. For example, racking systems that can be installed are:
Double Deep Racking
Very Narrow Aisle Racking

It may seem that a Storage System is an expensive investment. However, it is important to note that the savings in the efficiency of the warehouse will far outweigh any initial costs.

Whether you are wanting a new warehouse storage system solution or an improvement of the operations flow through your storage system, we are here to help.

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